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A Cup Of Cheer!

Earlier this month, I thought of Christmas gifts for friends and family. No Chocolates, soap or slippers. The classics were out. I think we are all stocked up on cozy pajamas too. I decided to encourage good health. Everyone was getting a box of green tea. Not ordinary green tea. this was called gunpowder tea.Continue reading “A Cup Of Cheer!”

Cross Training – History

Boot Camp! You guessed it. Cross training got its start in the army. You can add the marines and I doubt the air force needed big strong men and ladies to fly a plane. The coast guard also needed people with great stamina to swim in the cold, salty seas. Military, cross-training is a partContinue reading “Cross Training – History”

Stay Positive And Happy

How many times have you heard, “STAY POSITIVE“. How do you stay positive? Did anyone tell you how to stay positive. If so, how did you feel about it? Let me know in the comments. Today, we will explore this idea of being positive. Share your thoughts with us! Only good will come of it!Continue reading “Stay Positive And Happy”

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